Contactless Technology: What is it and why you should be worried

 Contactless Technology

Contactless debit and credit cards put travelers at risk of unauthorized scanning in public places. Contactless technology is supposed to be used for convenience, but hackers use this same technology to steal information and initiate unauthorized transactions in someone else's credit cards. 

Don't be a victim!

Contactless Technology

To make your life simpler and to make your shopping experience much more convenient, banks and credit card companies have introduced Contactless Technology by issuing contactless debit and credit cards.

A contactless card comes with a chip that has a near-field communication (NFC) antenna which enables close range payments. It allows you to simply tap to pay. Once you tap your contactless card on a contactless-enabled device, your payment is sent for authorization -- that simple.

Sounds promising? Well kind of, especially for frequent travelers, just like you.

However, contactless technology can be a double-edged sword. Convenience over security, and hopefully vice versa. A contactless card gives you all the conveniences when shopping but it may expose you to identity thieves and unauthorized scanning in public places.

It seems that contactless technology has made our debit and credit cards the target of hackers and skimmers.

Now that’s scary. 

Electronic Pickpocketing

Electronic pickpocketing, according to Techopedia, is the process of stealing credit card or bank card information from people in public places using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) wireless technologies. 

Electronic Pickpocketing

Contactless cards are made with an embedded RFID chip that can be read by RFID wireless devices from a close range. Hackers use portable scanners, mostly in public places to steal your information and initiate unauthorized use of your credit card.

Protect Yourself!

To counter electronic pickpocketing, RFID Blocking Cards are available. These cards are powered by e-field technology that jams and scrambles RFID\NFC signals, protecting your personal information from unauthorized scans. 

RFID Blocking Card


It’s effective and efficient. Simply slide the card into your wallet for instant protection of your cards. It’s almost the size* of a regular bank card, hence it will fit snugly into your wallet or purse.

RFID Blocking Card

Electronic pickpocketing not only target your bank cards, it also target information from your passport and other RFID embedded Identification cards. You can protect yourself and at the same time organize your travel documents with a Passport Organizer with RFID Blocker.

RFID Blocker Passport Organizer

The RFID blocker fabric lining safeguards your passport, credit cards, debit cards, ID and other items containing sensitive personal information.

Be worry-free on your next travels. You know that you and your loved ones will be safe and secure from electronic pickpocketing.

*Size: approximately 8.5x5.4cm/3.35x2.13in (slightly thicker than a regular bank card)

Disclaimer: The information, opinion and views contained herein are provided for general information purposes only. Go Travel Smart is a travel accessories shop and does not offer technological advice and cannot respond to any technological queries.

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