12 Travel Must-haves for 2019!

Travel essentials Travel Must-haves

Make 2019 your year of new discoveries.

Go out there. Discover new places, new culture, new friends.

After all, the world is yours to explore!

Have what you need to make your travel as comfortable and as convenient as it can be. Check out our recommended list of new travel essentials that'll surely amaze the smart traveler in you!

So, have you booked that flight ticket already? Where are you heading soon?

Just be sure to travel smarter and safer with these 12 must-have travel accessories. It's now time to look forward to a comfortable and hassle-free travel!

1. First thing first! You need to organize your luggage with these Packing Cubes Luggage Organizer

Efficiently prepare for upcoming trips with these travel packing cubes.

Perfect for helping you stay super organized and stress-free. Keep similar items together or pack them in a way that makes the most sense to you!

These cubes allow you to easily store and organize your clothes and accessories making it easy for you to pack and even easier to unpack! Set includes a large storage bag, medium storage bag, small storage bag, flat pocket, underwear bag, drawstring bag and a shoe bag.  

2. Keep your luggage in check with this portable Digital Luggage Scale

No more surprises at the airport check-in counter. Excess baggage is now a thing of the past for your. Remember, a well informed traveler is a smart traveler ;)

3. Stash away your tech accessories in one location with this Tech Accessories Travel Bag Organizer

This versatile bag has the most efficient packing feature for your cables, chargers, adapters and other small electronic items. It lets you pack the most number of gears with the least amount of space needed. And it seamlessly fits into your suitcase, backpack, or other carry-on bags while keeping your accessories neat and tidy.

It can also efficiently serve as your travel checklist. Before you go anywhere, just open the case and check if everything is in there, preventing you from leaving things behind.

On top of the awesome organizing feature, this bag has 2 holes that allow you to charge your phone and other electronic devices directly without having to remove the chargers and cables inside the bag! What an organized way to charge your phone!

4. Recline and sleep comfortably with this Airplane Travel Foot Rest Hammock

Sore legs after a long flight? Limited room for legs to rest? 

Worry no more!

This new hammock footrest is the answer to that annoying travel leg pain!

This can be easily installed under your table tray and can be adjusted to help keep your feet or knees more relaxed during flights for an enjoyable reclining and sleeping experience. It's a foldable, compact, lightweight, carry-on footrest that fits well into your handbag or backpack without taking on extra space or weight. 

This is now your best buddy for long-journey travels! 

5. Sleep comfortably and in style with this Travel Scarf Neck Pillow

Scarf Neck Travel Pillow

Embarrassed to use in flights those bulky travel neck pillows?

Now you can enjoy the benefits of a comfy neck pillow and at the same time get stylish and trendy.

This travel neck pillow is really like a scarf that you can wrap around your neck and adjust according to your desired comfort. This scarf neck cushion is scientifically proven to provide neck support.

What are you waiting for? Get one now! Wrap up and enjoy your nap! 

6. Sleep soundly and listen to your favorite music without having to wear an earphone with this Sleep Eye Mask with Bluetooth Speaker

How about having a wireless earphone and an eye mask all bundled in one?

Yes, we’ve got one for you! This is a Bluetooth earphone and sleep mask in one. This certainly is ideal for your long flights!

Sleep and enjoy your music without having to deal with tangled wires of a regular earphone or having to deal with wireless earphones falling off.

It has a soft cushion that blocks out glaring light and unnecessary noise, so you will have a truly good rest and you’ll be all pumped up with energy when you arrive at your travel destination. Its fabric is so soft it’s so gentle and comfortable on your skin. 

Speaker is thinner than average thus there is no problem sleeping on your side. It can easily be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device for up to 33 ft range. It also has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling.

Material is completely washable; to wash just take out the Bluetooth device. Strap is adjustable to fit all head sizes. Portable and easy to carry. Rechargeable via USB cable.  

7. Secure your laptop and other valuables, charge your phone and keep your gadgets organized with this Anti-Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port


Don't be a victim of pickpocket incidents!

Get this multi-functional anti-theft backpack that has a number combination lock and concealed zippers.

What's more it comes with an integrated USB charging port to ensure convenient charging anytime, anywhere.

It is also an ideal storage and organizer bag. It has a secret pocket underneath one of the front straps to securely keep ID cards and credit cards (and so you can easily access them), another secret pocket for small items such as watches, a functional strap where you can hang your sunglasses, and a band so you can easily strap it on trolley handle. It has a large capacity design and has very spacious compartment organizers for your gadgets and electronics.

It's very comfortable to wear. It has an ergonomic S-shaped design shoulder strap that's been proven to reduce shoulder and back pain. 

It is made of high quality waterproof and tear resistant Oxford fabric. 

8. Keep your smartphone, cards and Passport just within your reach with this Secret Pocket Infinity Scarf

You are about to check-in and you had been endlessly searching your bag for your passport and oh, your phone just rung...you need to look for it, too. 

Bet you had been through this during one of your travels.

Did you ever wish these items are just within your reach?  

Well, travelling now just got easier with this secret pocket infinity scarf. This scarf features an amazing hidden pocket that can fit all of your much needed stuffs like smartphone, key, cards, ID, Passport, a few notes, a lipstick and many more! It keeps your belongings safe, secure and easily accessible while at the same time giving you a very trendy look and making you feel warm at the airport.

It's comfortable to wear and easy to carry, perfect for men and women on the go just like you!

Available in 11 colors that can perfectly match your suit, jacket, coat, sweatshirt, cardigan, dress, or just your plain tops and jeans. 

 9.  Always stay safe with this Hotel Door Lock Security Stopper

Are you worried about your safety when inside your hotel room?

No need to worry now!

Carry this portable door lock system with you for additional safety and security whenever you go travel. This can be easily installed in seconds without any tools required. The door lock system is very effective in preventing unauthorized entry while you're inside your hotel room or apartment.

10. Protect yourself from identity theft with this RFID Blocker Passport & Credit Cards Wallet Organizer

Organize your travel documents and at the same time protect yourself from electronic identity theft! The RFID blocker fabric lining safeguards your passport, credit cards, debit cards, ID and other items containing sensitive personal information.


11. Enjoy full sleeping support with this Body and Neck Ergonomic Inflatable Pillow

Finally, a travel pillow that provides full lateral support! 

Check out this functional body and neck pillow! 

It’s meant to support not just your neck but your upper body as well making it easier for you to relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep longer. Its ergonomic design promotes proper head and neck alignment to prevent tension and neck strain.  It primarily keeps your head from falling forward when you’re asleep. 

To use, just place the pillow across your torso or at your side. You can wear it like a messenger bag or you can tie it to your airline seat. It easily loops over airline headrests. 

Inflates and deflates instantly. Stores neatly when rolled to minimize packing space. 

12. Travel stress-free with this Motion Sickness Relief Wristband


Do you or your loved ones suffer from motion sickness? Do  you dread travel time because of it? 

Well, never again! 

Introducing an acupressure wrist band that is clinically proven to naturally provide relief from motion sickness. It’s a natural and drug-free solution for most types of nausea and vomiting due to bumpy flights, rough seas and winding roads.

This wristband has a plastic stud that works by applying pressure on the Nei Guan acupressure point on your wrist restoring normal gastric rhythm and creating balance in your body. Acupressure in general was found to reduce the incidence of nausea from 53% to 23% and has calming effects to improve your well-being. 

Comfortable to wear, reusable, washable, natural. No side effects.


There you have it! We hope you find these travel accessories useful and exciting.

Be sure to have one that's suited for you. You will be out there to enjoy and collect memories, not worry about travel hassles that can be easily fixed with these great travel buddies! 


Have you used one of these accessories during your travel? Share with us your amazing experience!

Do you know any travel accessories that were not included in above list? Or do you have any travel accessory ideas you wish were available in the market? We'd love to hear from you! 

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